The DEA Speicher GmbH (DSG) was founded in Sept. 2011 and acts as an unbundled storage system operator (SSO) within the group. The company is engaged in establishing, acquiring and operating of gas storage facilities as well as marketing of storage capacities and related services. DSG is operating the storage facility Inzenham-West since 01.04.2012.

The Inzenham-West storage facility is a subsurface storage facility near the city of Rosenheim. It is used to balance out seasonal fluctuations of natural gas consumption. Usually, gas is injected during summer and withdrawn during winter when demand exceeds domestic gas production and import volumes.

In order to secure gas demand Germany imports natural gas from Russia, the Netherlands, Norway and Denmark. Inzenham-West contributes significantly to the gas supply in the Bavarian area. Due to the local connection to the gas grid mostly Russian gas is stored in this facility.

The subsurface facility Inzenham-West is a depleted natural gas reservoir. Its former gas reserves migrated into that formation millions of years ago. This fact proofs that this formation is safely sealed by the overburden. DSG is benefiting from experiences from the group which used to operate such facilities for more than 40 years.


Facts and figures

These technical capacities apply to the gas storage Inzenham-West:

CapacityWorking Gas volume [MWh]Maximum Injection rate [MWh/h]*Maximum Withdrawal rate [MWh/h]*

* depending on fill level

Inzenham-West is connected to the grid of bayernets GmbH which is part of the market area NetConnect Germany. The gas-specification of the gas grid apply in general also to the storage facilitiy. All stored Gas is H-Gas.

The technically minimum flow rate for injection and withdrawal:

 Qmin EinQmin Aus
Inzenham-West450 MWh/h450 MWh/h


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