Hamburg, 12.07.2018

Tender of Capacities finished successfully

Storage capacities for SY 19 were successfully tendered on 12th of July.

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Hamburg, 02.07.2018

Tendering of storage capacities for SY 18 and SY 19

DEA Speicher GmbH announces the start of the annual marketing of gas storage capacities for the underground gas storage Inzenham-West.

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Hamburg, 29.09.2017

Tender of Capacities finished successfully

Storage capacities for SY 17 and SY 18 were successfully tendered on 28th of September.

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Hamburg, 22.09.2017

Tendering of Storage capacities for SY 17 and SY 18

DEA Speicher Gmbh is going to tender remaining capacities for Storage Year 17 and big volume capacities for Storage Year 18 onwards.

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Maintenance plan 2017 changed

DEA Speicher GmbH is currently rearranging the remaining maintenances for 2017.

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Hamburg, 17.07.2017

Additional Capacity for the remaining storage year 2017 under evaluation

DEA Speicher GmbH informs interested market parties that a regular evaluation is ongoing to market additional working gas volume. The available working gas volume will be of low extent (around 30-60 GWh) with no or only interruptible injection or withdrawal capacity. DEA Speicher GmbH expects to be ready to market around mid of August 2017.

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Hamburg, 17.05.2017

Capacity Tender successful

DEA Speicher GmbH successfully sold the capacity product in a tender on PRISMA capacity platform.

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Hamburg, 04.05.2017

DEA Speicher GmbH offers storage product via PRISMA

DEA Speicher GmbH uses the PRISMA capacity platform for the first time for storage marketing. The yearly residual capacity of 120 GWh working gas volume was posted on offer. This is a fast product with interruptible injection- and withdrawal capacity and is running for 11 months. Auction deadline is Tuesday 9 May, 12:00 CET.

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Hamburg, 01.02.2017

DEA Speicher GmbH at trade fair E-World of Energy

Meet our experts in Essen, Germany at this year's trade fair and exhibition E-World of Energy. Our experts are available to present storage products & pricing models and also discuss their optimal usage in customer portfolios. Appointments are possible from February 7th to 9th.

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Hamburg, 08.04.2016

DEA Speicher GmbH fulfils REMIT requirements

In time with the start of the second REMIT period, DEA Speicher GmbH fulfils new regulatory requirements regarding transparency and provision of data. Besides the non-public data flow to EU-Agency ACER, DEA Speicher GmbH will provide all data to the public via the European transparency portal AGSI.

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