Storage access inquiry

(1) Request procedure

You can address your storage access inquiry to us at any time. After receipt your inquiry will be examined at short notice for completeness and formal correctness. In case of incompleteness or formal errors, we will contact you regarding missing information. As soon as us your complete storage access inquiry is received the examination takes place whether we can provide you with the requested capacity. If this is the case you will receive a written offer.

(2) Credit assessment

Before conclusion of a gas storage access contract we accomplish an internal credit rating for each contracting party. The rating process complies with the standards used within the energy sector. The tenor of the agreement and the contract volume determines the extent of the process in order to define the credit exposure. The rating will be based on information derived from publicly available data provided by rating and credit agencies. If this information does not meet the requirements for a complete internal rating the contracting party may prove its creditworthiness adequately (e.g. financial statements). The internal rating determines the individual conditions of the storage access contract such as securities (e.g. bank guarantee) and/or other suitable measures to mitigate the credit exposure.

(3) Conclusion of a contract

In order to avoid that capacities for long-term storage access are blocked by the provision of capacities for short-term storage access, we conclude storage access contracts only starting from a certain time before beginning of contract. This time depends on the desired contract duration, as shown below:

Requested duration of storage access contractEarliest possible signing before the commencement of the contract
1 year or longer (maximum 20 years)2 years
6 months6 months
3 months3 months
1 month1 month
1 week5 weeks
1 day15 working days


As a precaution we want to point out that we normally need a minimum period of 10 working days prior to the commencement of the contract to set up the handling and billing procedures necessary for storage access.

(4) Storage access inquiry

A storage access inquiry must contain at least the following data, to make an adequate examination and a quick answer possible:

  •  Working gas volume [m³(Vn)], capacities for injection and withdrawal [m³/h (Vn)],
  •  Period of storage (beginning and end of the storage access).

If the transmitted data are not sufficient to answer your inquiry, we will contact you for further information at short notice.

Inquiries please send to:

DEA Speicher GmbH
Jörg Fanger
Überseering 40
22297 Hamburg

or via E-Mail to:


(5) Storage marketing

Besides direct inquiries we market capacities during sales campaigns via direct contact (trade fairs and conferences) or we use the online platform store-x. Every sales campaign will be announced on our website early in advance and products will be presented transparently.